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Our Mission

Our mission is to uphold the value of all life from the moment of conception until natural death, while equipping individuals to be effective advocates for a culture of life.  Through our loving words and actions, we will stand for Truth and the right to life for the most vulnerable human beings in our society.

Our Motto

Pro-Life,       Pro-Child,       Pro-Family

A Note From the Chair

We all know Montana has faced its share of challenges in the spiritual battle for life.  But in 2024, we will arguably face the biggest challenge to date, and that is Initiative 14.  If Initiative 14 passes, it will PERMANENTLY enshrine abortion into our State Constitution.


Initiative 14 is fraught with problems because of its vague and ambiguous language, so I want to highlight just a few:


  1. It does not define “treating healthcare professional” so we have no idea who could potentially perform abortions.
  2. It fails to account for the superior right of parents to provide consent or withhold consent for medical procedures like abortions, so it would effectively override the rights of parents.
  3. It would allow for partial birth abortions.
  4. Finally, it would provide safe harbor to violent offenders and sex traffickers, and it would also provide safe harbor for Planned Parenthood to hide facts and evidence in cases of statutory rape.

For all those reasons and more, I will be declining to sign any petition to allow Initiative 14 on the November ballot.  Please educate yourself and make your own informed decision on Initiative 14.

How to Support Prolife Montana

Attend Events

Attend prolife events meet with other Pro-Lifers. Together we can stop abortion.


If you’re interested in contributing to ProLife Montana’s mission, we invite you to complete the form on our donation page.


Your support plays a vital role in championing the values we stand for. Thank you for helping us make a positive impact.

We Are

We are a 501c3 nonprofit charitable organization dedicated to making abortion unthinkable in Montana. We sponsor the annual Montana State March for Life, the Spring and Fall 40 Days for Life campaigns, Sidewalk Advocates for Life trainings, the Human From Day One advertising campaign, and we help prepare individuals to testify on behalf of prolife legislation when our state legislature is in session. We would love to have you actively join our efforts. You can sign up to receive our weekly emails by contacting us at You can also find us on Facebook.

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